"It is not a question of evoking, but of piercing the world. Suddenly a
fundamental meaninglessness appears in the world. One is in the middle of a
failed revolution in which the principal characters are involved, and one
becomes aware that something much more serious is happening namely, the
world is not a sensible continuity that can be comprehensively explained,
but a perpetual aspiration to sense, perpetually disappointed. It is human
existence that has to create sense at every instant. Not to describe a sense
that already exists, but to create a sense that does not exist yet. The
melancholy of boats, the cold dawns under a tent, et cetera, are
stereotypes of travel. What is interesting is that it happens there, and
suddenly digs a hole in Frédéric¹s life, in Flaubert¹s life, and in the
Revolution of 1848."

¹Alain Robbe-Grillet referring to Flaubert (Sentimental Education) in: The Art of Fiction
Paris-Review No 91.

La reprise 2001
Alain Robbe-Grillet: La reprise 2001

L´Education Sentimentale 1869
Gustave Flaubert: L´Education Sentimentale 1869

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